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Jason Blair – Founder | Investor

Jason is a husband, father of four, and grandfather.  Jason has spent the last 25 years of his professional career working as a business entrepreneur, statutory broker, accredited NGO representative in consultiative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Counsel (ECOSOC), and most recently an strategic account executive.

Jason Blair is a unique entrepreneur whose principle of business ethics is best defined by two words, rigorous passion. Jason’s fascination with complex social problems, diverse populations, and the power of technology in sustainable development has led him to pursue ventures across the globe.

Jason is a creative, enthusiastic, high-achieving executive with over twenty years of proven career growth. Jason has extensive domestic and international experience with corporate structures including mergers, acquisitions, building strategic strategic operations, financial modeling, and selling innovative products and services.

Jason started his career in 1992 with Prudential as a statutory real estate broker.  Early in his career, he successfully started and sold several single-family and multi-family new construction development projects.  Jason was fortunate to gain the exclusive rights to a German based resort in the Caribbean, which led Jason to travel to Europe in 1994 to seek investments. 

While in Europe, Jason participated in a variety of foreign land development projects, and established a pool of financial resources and individual contributors to better the economic and social opportunities of developing nations. In 1995, Jason became an accredited Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) delegate representative of the Pan American-Pan African Association (Pa/Pa) in consultive status with the Economic and Social Counsel (ECOSOC) of the United Nations.  Jason was responsible for helping Egyptian and Emirates leaders advance the agriculture and trade industry with emerging economies.  During this period, Jason also served as a United States representative to The Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations (CoNGO) and today he continues to participate and support the United Nations Global Compact and other agency  initiatives. 

After a period of extensive travels, Jason returned home in 2000 to begin working in the sales and finance industry as the Finance Director for two large automotive groups.  His unique approach to lending programs helped him to be recognized nationally and Jason has been published in almost a dozen national magazines.  In 2002, Jason worked with Wells Fargo Financial automotive division to write a point-of-sale, indirect lending finance program for the Power Automotive Group, which was approved and introduced successfully at a national level.  Jason was also instrumental in setting up two credit union indirect automotive programs whose portfolio grew to over $40M within three years.  Jason remained in the automotive industry until 2007, became a General Manager, and eventually a partner in a nine-store franchise group. 

In 2002, Jason leveraged his extensive experience and knowledge of international markets, corporate structures, strategic developments and the finance industries to launch Dealerspan, LLC.  Dealerspan was a software company that built federal compliance software, customer, inventory, and finance management solutions for the automotive industry. Jason developed a patent-pending technology process during his six year tenure at Dealerspan, LLC.

By 2008, his experiences in the Middle East remained at the forefront of his entrepreneurial drive. Having seen abject poverty, witnessed the need for global change, and understood the power of technology and innovation; the vision for United Needs was born. As the Founder and Chairman of United Needs, Jason began building an online network, digital finance engine, and trading exchange for anyone with a need or situation to connect, collaborate, fulfill, and create a tangible impact in our world.  The global trade platform is being developed to enable corporations, global traders, capital providers, UN delegates, philanthropists, NGO’s, governments, and everyday people to do business at a lower cost.  In turn, helping improve the world’s economy and opportunities by providing a transparent marketplace to trade commodities, tools, medicine, fuels, crops, ideas, advice, and more.

In 2012, Jason sold United Needs to a privately held security company called Invizeon.  Invizeon owns and develops a growing number of strategic businesses and software platforms operating at the intersection of mission-critical security and socio-economic innovation.  Jason served as Invizeon’s  senior socio-economic development and security strategist from 2012 until 2015.

In 2016 Jason joined Salesforce where he serves as their Senior Strategic Account Manager overseeing many Fortune 500 companies throughout the Southwest. Jason has demonstrated effectiveness in forging and building strategic business alliances and relationships that advance organizational goals. Jason is adept in developing and applying sound methodologies to generate top-line growth and bottom-line profits.

Jason graduated from Billings West High School, attended business school at Montana State University and Kennedy Western University.  Jason earned his certificate in Digital Marketing at Harvard Business School.  Jason studied New Global Powers (BRIC) and Microeconomics for a period of time at the University of Oxford.