United Needs mission is to increase the global speed, safety, transparency, competition and profitability within the agriculture ecosystems between developing and advance markets, so every person is provided an opportunity to compete and make a profit.

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Over the next 34 years, the world’s food supply will need to increase by 69% in order to feed an additional 2.4 billion people.

In order to meet this demand the agricultural industry players have recognized that the worlds 525 million Smallholder farms will need to play a large new role, and will need to become more integrated into the global agricultural value chain.

But smallholder production, which generally occurs on plots of less than four hectares, is characterized by low yields, low quality, and poor market linkages. This is perpetuated by the fact that smallholders have little access to finance, quality seeds, agricultural training, market knowledge or access, and they contend with several layers of middlemen who add little value but take most of the profit.

A convergence of market forces is creating an economic opportunity for 2B smallholder farmers to “grow” their way out of poverty.

Interestingly enough experts agree that the largest impact in global poverty reduction could be made through the “financial inclusion” and empowerment of

the world’s agricultural smallholders (farmers and fisher people). Smallholders represent the largest group of poor, unbanked people on the planet (525M farms and over 2B agricultural workers).

However smallholders face particular challenges, which make it difficult to break the cycles of poverty and achieve equitable and sustainable development and economic growth.

Smallholder farmers lack access to:

  • Access to capital and credit (Currently it is estimated that there is a $450B gap in supply and demand for smallholder finance)
  • Agricultural Training and education
  • Inclusion to modern day agricultural supply chains
  • Innovative and enabling technologies
  • Fair, balanced, and competing marketplaces

For the foreseeable future there is far more demand for new agricultural supply, than unorganized, untrained and unfunded smallholders can possibly supply. This is where United Needs comes into the scene.

THE UNITED NEEDS SOLUTION- High Tech with a High Purpose

United Needs is a new generation of for profit Company- Combining smart market based capitalism, a social impact investment model, with an innovative cloud and mobile based high tech platform. United Needs is on a mission to create new value chains with a focus on enabling and measuring increased ROI and positive social impact for all participants in its “ecosystem”.

United Needs is a shareholder and triple bottom line value-driven technology and services corporation whose contributors are building a new generation of sustainable agriculture management, finance and trade for the smallholder ecosystem called the United Needs Exchange Platform (UNXP).

Agtech + Internet of Things + Fintech + Impact Investing + Value Chain Management + Big Data = UNXP

The United Needs UNXP platform is a cohesive solution from “farm to fork” designed specifically for smallholder’s needs and usability. One that enables smallholders and their farm Co-op’s to:

  • Learn and engage in smart farming and farm management
  • Provide smallholders access to capital
  • Acquire quality inputs at affordable prices
  • Provides education and training programs
  • Increase the quality and quantity of yields
  • Leverage open markets
  • Enables small farmers to meet global food supply chain certifications and buyer requirements

All designed to put more profit into the smallholder families pockets and provide a pathway out of poverty to becoming sustainable small business owners


The UNXP will benefit lenders, donors, buyers, and enables the entire ecosystem to become more efficient, have less risk, more choice, and return more profit for everyone, especially the smallholder.

The UNXP promotes the global sustainable development goals (SDGs) by helping smallholders to be self-sustaining and be connected to the global economy.  The UNXP promotes inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

The UNXP is a viable economic pathway out of poverty, versus the current dependency on development aid.

United Needs invites you to join them to better our planet.